Michael Balchan

Founder @ efive

Chicago, IL ()

Areas of Expertise: Self-awareness, Communication, Discipline

Knowledgeable In: Self-awareness, Mindfulness, Optimal learning, Strategy, Energy management, Psychology, Spirituality, Communication, Peak performance, leadership

About Michael

I support leaders and teams in maximizing their potential, both personally and professionally, while simultaneously experiencing more joy, fulfillment, and fun in the process. My custom-tailored programs combine the most powerful methods and modalities of personal growth, psychology, performance science, physiology, wellness, and the world’s spiritual and wisdom traditions.

College / University
  • Harvard
    BA, Economics & Psychology
  • Founded business which provides executive coaching and leadership consulting to leaders and teams both in Chicago and other major US cities.
  • 7 year commodity options trading career - Gold and Oil. Created systems and processes to decrease stress while maintaining edge and peak performance.
  • Partner and Producer at award winning film company, Relic Pictures
Professional Accreditation
  • Harvard University: Behavioral economics & positive psychology
  • 10,000+ hours of personally-curated curriculum, including Co-Active coaching, Chandler, Litvin, Goldsmith, Robbins, Karkuti, Sensophy, Optimize, and more.
  • Trained instructor for: speed-reading, optimal learning, productivity, mindfulness.
Industry / Organization Type

Finance, Trading, Hospitality, Film, Coaching, Fitness, Law, Medicine, Conservation, Sales

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