john lynn

Co-Founder @ The Studio Project + The NYC Innovation Collective

New York, NY

Areas of Expertise: leadership, public speaking, entrepreneurship

Knowledgeable In: networking, pitching, writing, sales, community management

About john

John is a founder, connector, innovator, and community builder in the NYC tech scene. He believes meaning in life is created, not found, and was once pushed off a cliff by his mother. She laughed and, years later, so does he.

College / University
  • Washington University in St. Louis
    BA, Literature
  • Closed investment for techstars $150mm fund
  • Organized 60+ accelerators of NYC
  • Created a platform for institutional innovation, inaugurally deployed for Verizon
Professional Accreditation
  • BA WashU
  • Grad School Flunkie
  • Techstars, Startup Institutite staff, 2x founder
Questions Answered by john

An MBA will not prepare you in any way to create new ventures -- an MBA, despite more frequent and recent demonstrations to the contrary, is not designed to prepare entrepreneurs.  They will continue not to, despite more programming targeted toward entrepreneurial-minded students.

To get an education that moves you toward entrepreneurship, consider bootcamps and accelerators like Startup Institute and Founders Institute, both of which have part-time programs that are designed to assist highly talented, select individuals make their way into the tech industry.

Keep the questions coming, this is one one of the most important topics I speak on.

Industry / Organization Type

tech, startups, accelerators, fortune 500, universities, governments

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