Eli Laipson

Head of Product Management @ huupe

Charlestown, Massachusetts ()

Areas of Expertise: Product Management, Mentoring, Startups

Knowledgeable In: Early Stage Product Development, Product Management, Startup Sales, Wireframing, Mockups, Sketch, Powerlifting, Customer Discovery, Lord of the Rings, Science Fiction

Languages: English

About Eli

I focus on Product Management at huupe. I'm passionate about building early-stage businesses, personal development and mentoring. I'd love to hear what you think about the product and how we can improve - please feel free to send me a message!

I also enjoy discussing product management, and vetting startup ideas, if you're interested in either of these please invite me to connect and let's discuss!

College / University
  • Northeastern University
    BA, Organizational Communications & Technological Entrepreneurship
  • Co-Founded Northeastern Powerlifting in 2007 - led to 4 National Championships
  • Founded APE Systems in 2010 - Raised Funding - Developed Prototype and established early adopters from over 20 orgs in NCAA, MLB and NFL
  • Built Business Development Platform for Modelo.io establishing first Enterprise Contracts and Marketing Operations
Professional Accreditation
  • Pragmatic Product Marketing Certificate
  • Completed 2 month intensive Startup CEO program at Betaspring Accelerator
  • Startup Institute Product Track Alum
Industry / Organization Type

Startups, B2B, Mentoring, SaaS, Athletics, Software, Technology

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