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Recently, after reading the suggestion on a LinkedIn article, I've dispensed with todo-list and started putting work that needs to be done directly into my calendar.

This takes some effort. You have to be clear up front on what tasks are actually required to get something done; and when you are actually going to do them. This can be a bit uncomfortable when you'd rather bury your head in the sand of hoping that somehow future you will sort this out - but it pays dividend in long term time management.

This way, if you've over-committed yourself you acknowledge this up front, when there is still time to negotiate requirements or shift expectations; and gone is the constant fear that what you are working on in this instant isn't what you should be! If your calender says this is the time to be writing document A then get your head down and do it!

It also gives you the freedom to be tough with yourself and schedule in lunch, breaks and the days you need to clock-off early with less guilt.

Items still crop up unexpectedly, tasks are longer or shorter than expected or energy levels aren't aligned with the workload you've set yourself - but this is something that I hope will improve with experience.

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