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Manage and edit the list Not Set
Avoid letting the list become overwhelming - don't let it grow beyond one page of screen metric | 01/31/2017
If something has been on the list too long, delete it...it couldn't have been that important action | 01/31/2017
Research and agree a methodology for prioritising Not Set
Research a methodology for managing your list research | 01/31/2017
Who do you perceive to be very efficient...ask them how they do it action | 01/31/2017
Use technology, e.g. Wunderlist, to make using the list as enjoyable and productive as possible purchase | 01/31/2017
Use the list! Not Set
Use the list as the basis for your regular mentor meeting exposure | 01/31/2017
Integrate the list with your calendar by creating calendar entries for each list item experience | 01/31/2017