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Meet with your new team member asap Not Set
Organise a 30 - 45 min meeting outside of the office in a less formal setting. Maybe over a coffee. action | 01/31/2017
If not known, research what they've been doing if there's been a gap in working together research | 01/31/2017
Understand and set expectations Not Set
What has your new team member been told about the changing situation research | 01/31/2017
Clarify your expectations - keep in mind the situation - be kind, generous and empathetic, but clear action | 01/31/2017
Discuss and agree what's needed to move beyond any awkwardness education | 01/31/2017
Communicate Not Set
Don't let the situation become the elephant in the room. Discuss how you both feel about it. experience | 01/31/2017
Organise an explicit follow-up meeting to discuss how it's going wrt this specific dynamic action | 01/31/2017
Move into 'business as usual' as soon as possible, based on expectations set above exposure | 01/31/2017