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Be a devoted yogi Not Set
Practice yoga at least once a day action | 01/31/2017
Understand how mind and body work education | 01/31/2017
Watch and learn from yoga instructors exposure | 01/31/2017
Do not give up on attempting advanced poses, such as hand stand, head stand, etc. experience | 01/31/2017
Practice being mindful, patient, grateful, and compassionate action | 01/31/2017
Research yoga studios Not Set
Attend classes at some yoga studios experience | 01/31/2017
Learn about the community at the yoga studios research | 01/31/2017
Talk to the instructors at the yoga studios action | 01/31/2017
Deepen my understanding about yoga Not Set
Read the Yoga Anatomy book http://a.co/2NjIRo2 education | 01/31/2017
Go to yoga retreats to take my yoga practice to the next level exposure | 01/31/2017
Be around yogis and join their community exposure | 01/31/2017
Take a yoga teacher training program Not Set
Research how to become a RYT research | 01/31/2017
Attend the info session to learn about the teacher training program at the yoga studios I attended education | 01/31/2017
Talk to the instructors leading the teacher training program education | 01/31/2017
Talk to the owners of the yoga studios to learn more about their studios education | 01/31/2017
Take notes of the program courses (200-hour and 500-hour levels), schedules, and tuition education | 01/31/2017
Decide which program is the best fit for me research | 01/31/2017
Register for the program purchase | 01/31/2017
Complete the program and receive a certificate action | 01/31/2017
Become a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) Not Set
Learn about the requirements to become a RYT on Yoga Alliance https://www.yogaalliance.org research | 01/31/2017
Get more trainings if the requirements are not satisfied education | 01/31/2017
Get teaching experience if it is a requirement experience | 01/31/2017
Read the Code of Conduct https://www.yogaalliance.org/AboutYA/OurPolicies/CodeofConduct education | 01/31/2017
Read the policy of using the yoga therapy terms https://www.yogaalliance.org/YogaTherapyPolicy education | 01/31/2017
Learn the benefits of becoming a RYT research | 01/31/2017
Learn how to pay, maintain and renew my registration purchase | 01/31/2017