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  Reduce Work-related Anxiety & Stress SAVE TO MY GOALS

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Over 70% of people have expressed work-related anxiety and stress, impacting their work performance, health and private lives.

Stress and anxiety are symptoms of an imbalance that can be addressed by learning more about one's self and establishing a new routine and way of life.

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Work on time management Not Set
Take time to recharge and relax action | 01/31/2017
Regain control by prioritizing and organizing action | 01/31/2017
Create a balanced schedule, between work, family life, social activities, time for yourself and rest action | 01/31/2017
Stop rushing from place to place - leave earlier in the morning and create buffers in your schedule action | 01/31/2017
Plan regular breaks action | 01/31/2017
Task Management Not Set
Prioritize high-priority and unpleasant tasks first action | 01/31/2017
Break projects into small steps, rather than taking on everything at once action | 01/31/2017
Be more active Not Set
Exercise before or after work action | 01/31/2017
When exercising focus on your body rather than your thoughts education | 01/31/2017
Try new activities like Yoga and Meditation education | 01/31/2017
Take a break after lunch and go for a 15 minute walk action | 01/31/2017
Develop new positive habits Not Set
Establish boundaries - learn to say no education | 01/31/2017
Understand when you've reached full capacity and delegate experience | 01/31/2017
Improve the quality of your sleep experience | 01/31/2017
Turn off screens one hour before bed time action | 01/31/2017