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For many professionals, developing a healthy routine is challenging, with work and travel often getting in the way.

Developing simple milestones will help you achieve your goal.

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Set specific and realistic goals Not Set
Focus on monthly, measurable outcomes action | 01/31/2017
Share your goals with a your support network - encouragement is very important action | 01/31/2017
Work on your time management to create space in your daily schedule to focus on yourself action | 01/31/2017
Exercise Not Set
Work out 3 to 5 times a week action | 01/31/2017
Avoid elevators and take stairs instead action | 01/31/2017
Take a 15 minute walk after your lunch action | 01/31/2017
Stretch throughout the day action | 01/31/2017
Hydrate often - at least once an hour action | 01/31/2017
Rest twice a week - it's important education | 01/31/2017
Improve your sleep Not Set
Develop a pre-bed routine education | 01/31/2017
Go to bed at the same time as often as you can and wake up at the same time every day, even weekends education | 01/31/2017
Put away computers, phones, tablets, an hour before bed time education | 01/31/2017
Develop better eating habits Not Set
Introduce variety in your diet action | 01/31/2017
Eat more frequently and smaller quantities action | 01/31/2017
Limit white wheat and focus on whole grains action | 01/31/2017
Enjoy more fish, nuts, fruits and vegetables action | 01/31/2017
Keep sodium down, potassium up action | 01/31/2017
Limit processed foods action | 01/31/2017
Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate action | 01/31/2017
Connect with a nutritionist on huupe action | 01/31/2017
Build a team that can help you achieve your goals Not Set
Connect with a nutritionist on huupe action | 01/31/2017
Connect with a personal coach that can help you build a workout routine action | 01/31/2017