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Learning a new language is extremely challenging and often very expensive. There are some easy steps that can get you started.

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Connect with a native speaker Not Set
Connect with native speakers education | 01/31/2017
Leverage applications like Duolingo to improve your vocabulary and pronunciation education | 01/31/2017
Watch, read, listen and write in your chosen language Not Set
Watch TV in your chosen language. Focus on News channels (it's easier to understand the context) education | 01/31/2017
Read in your chosen language. Focus initially on newspapers education | 01/31/2017
Listen to podcasts in your chosen language education | 01/31/2017
Watch movies you've already watched in the language you're trying to learn education | 01/31/2017
Build a daily routine Not Set
Focus on a topic a week and expand your vocabulary daily education | 01/31/2017
Use your commute time or lunch break to practice education | 01/31/2017