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This Goal was created by  Katja van Koten Katja van Koten

I want to be able to comfortably give an effective presentation for my next meeting at (work, university or any other (social) event). My allotted time is (7-20) minutes.

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Groundwork - My focus and my research Not Set
Who is my audience? (Try to find out as much as possible about who, when and what) research | 01/28/2017
What is my key message? (One sentence) action | 01/28/2017
Find out anything on given topic - just collect, not yet order (facts, numbers, stories) education | 01/28/2017
Structure my presentation Not Set
What are the (three) main points of my message? action | 01/28/2017
Organise my presentation - add the research to my main points action | 01/28/2017
Prioritise my presentation - what are the bare necessities of my presentation & what can I leave out action | 01/28/2017
Visualise my presentation - Does my presentation logically moves from 1 point to another? (outline) action | 01/28/2017
Delivery of my presentation Not Set
Practice my speech (film it, in front of a test audience etc.) experience | 01/28/2017
On the day - what needs to be in place? (meeting room in good order etc.) research | 01/28/2017
On the day - How can I be my best self? (meditate, diet etc.) action | 01/28/2017