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Understand your market Not Set
Is the company you work for a market-leader research | 01/28/2017
Understand the competitive dynamics in your market research | 01/28/2017
Research comparative data from across the market for your role research | 01/28/2017
Understand and grow your internal value Not Set
Understand pay grades within your company research | 01/28/2017
Engage your manager on a quarterly basis to discuss your contribution action | 01/28/2017
Understand your value relative to your colleagues in a similar role education | 01/28/2017
Build a case Not Set
Collect data from your quarterly meetings with your manager research | 01/28/2017
Note your accomplishments over the past 3 years research | 01/28/2017
Highlight the work you do, unrelated to your role, that is valuable to the company research | 01/28/2017
Highlight both quantitative and qualitative achievements research | 01/28/2017
Understand how your salary has grown over the past few years, relative to inflation action | 01/28/2017
Understand the trade-offs between short-term and long-term incentive options (salary vs options) research | 01/28/2017
Rehearse your argument before speaking with your manager Not Set
Be clear on what defines success before you start the conversation action | 01/28/2017
Practice your argument - content / tone experience | 01/28/2017
Engage your manager on this topic 3 to 6 months before your company's Fiscal Year end action | 01/28/2017
Have a clear ask for your manager, at the end of the first conversation action | 01/28/2017
Set-up a follow up meeting, two to three weeks following the first conversation action | 01/28/2017