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Today it feels easier than ever to judge or typecast someone without really understanding who they are or what their intentions are. Stepping back from automatically judging others is a difficult task but one that can be achieved with a little bit of research and being more conscientious of how you react to and engage with others.

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Start by educating yourself - here are three quick reads to help you be more aware Not Set
First - the zenhabits approach http://bit.ly/2koSIW1 education | 01/26/2017
Second - huffingtonpost http://huff.to/2k8nxAT education | 01/26/2017
Third - wikihow we like this one a lot! http://bit.ly/2k5WC8A education | 01/26/2017
Break out of your comfort zone Not Set
Once a week engage with someone you normally would not have a conversation with. exposure | 01/26/2017
Explore by going to an event you normally wouldn't or spend time with a diverse group of people. exposure | 01/26/2017
Make some plans to travel. Go somewhere new that you normally wouldn't. exposure | 01/26/2017
Accept that you may not always be right Not Set
It's easy to assume our own outlook on the world is the right one. Find ways to challenge this. experience | 01/26/2017
Be less committed to having to be right. This will allow you to be more accepting of new views. experience | 01/26/2017
Acknowledge when you are being judgemental Not Set
Be aware of when you start judging. When you do, take a step back. Consider alternatives. experience | 01/26/2017
Labeling others is easy. Question yourself when a label is the first thing you think about others. experience | 01/26/2017
Finally if you need help managing this process find a mentor our counselor to guide you. action | 01/26/2017