7 Steps to freeing your mind from worry

7 Steps to freeing your mind from worry

January 30, 2017 | Benedicta Banga

We're living in a very noisy time. Information and images come at us at a rate some experts believe our minds were never meant to process. On one hand having information at our fingertips is a blessing. We can ask questions and find the answer in seconds from credible sources. This blessing means that inspiration is also a few button clicks away- what to eat, where to eat, what to wear, where to holiday, what car to drive, the house to live in you name it. 

In my case I have been known to take my Googled diagnosis to the doctor and have also observed my doctor Google information. On some occasions, I have been advised not to look for answers in forums and other people's experiences that heighten worry unnecessarily or give guidance out of context. For people that compare and compete with their friends and neighbours it's never been easier to see what the 'Joneses" are up to. They delight in rubbing their holiday pictures, their latest gizmo or the LinkedIn promotion update in your face.  

Every image and piece of information we take in is being processed against a current state. Consciously or unconsciously you can be comparing and creating goals or creating dissatisfaction with your own life. You may start feeling anxious that you are not where you should be in life, in your career and your efforts aren't enough. Compounded with work demands you can find yourself living in perpetual worry. Left unchecked these emotions and dissatisfaction are like my 50-page internet browsing sessions slowing my MacBook down as I run out of memory. You can start slowing the most important tasks at hand and your productivity. You might find that you can't even be present when you need to be and this starts affecting your interactions.

These 7 Steps will help you free your mind from W.O.R.R.Y. (worst options running round you).

1. Write down everything that is worrying  you 

2. Explore each of your concerns in detail

3. Start doing something about the priorities that make the biggest difference

4. Ask for help so you can achieve more, quicker

5. Review what is working and what's not

6. Ask yourself whether you have done everything that you can in each situation

7. Try a new strategy

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