An Ode to being 54

An Ode to being 54

March 11, 2017 | Jill Ladd

So here I am, I’m 54

And sitting here quite vexed

I’ve done a lot , but lots to do

So what do I do next ?

You’d think by now, I’d know a lot

With letters by my name

Does that help me sort it out ?

My doubt puts me to shame

Am I young or am I old ?

I guess it depends who asks

My age on paper is not how I feel

We hide behind our masks …

Is it wrong to bootcamp hard ?

Or start new hobbies now ?

You bet your life it’s not !

And I will show you how 😄

Whats in a number? I hear you ask

It’s 2 score and fourteen

There’s stories to tell ( and some to keep)

About places I have been

We all reflect as we get old

About life and loves and tears

I’m thinking now about the way

I’ve grown along the years

Our families are the central point

And mine are just the best

The focus moves and bonds just grow

When they fly the nest



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