Not Too Old To ... Tap Dance

Not Too Old To ... Tap Dance

March 11, 2017 | Jill Ladd

My first time at tap class …

I once said my daughter - ‘Oh I would love to do tap dancing again - I used to love it as a child !’  and within 5 minutes she had looked it up in Google and found a class close to home - she said she would come with me to keep me company - so I couldn’t say no could I ?

I then started doubting myself as to whether I could remember what to do, whether I would actually enjoy it - had I kidded myself that I did really want to give it a go ? What if everyone else could do it and I can’t - all of a sudden I imagined a bunch of ‘Fred Astaire’s all tapping away at top speed and jumping over couches ( have you seen that film ….. “Singin’ in the rain”?).

I wasn’t going to invest in tap shoes before I knew if I was going to enjoy it so I just wore some ‘ sensible’ shoes with a small heel so I could at least get the feel of the tapping sensation. When we got there , there was about 12 people - some who were coming back for the second or third time but also some beginners like myself - so that was a little reassuring.

The teacher was lovely and made everyone very welcome. There were 3 classes after each other - each progressing to a slightly more advanced level. We started the warm up in a circle and as soon as the music started I loved it ! Part of the reason that I wanted to tap dance again was being able to dance in time to some great music - and that is still what I really enjoy.

After the warm up and some basic steps ( some of which I remembered from a child ) we even started learning ‘a routine’. When we had finished the class I realised that I wanted to buy some tap shoes before the next lesson so I could get all those great noises !!! 

I went back the next week and enjoyed it even more being able to hear the right sounds with the steps and it wasn’t long before I was asking to stay to the next class and be pushed a bit further. 

My daughter meanwhile had to give up due to work commitments and I was completely happy going along on my own and as usual with these types of things - made friends with a few people and walked home with people that lived locally.

2 years on I am still loving the classes and have progressed to the most advanced class - we do something different very week and quite often the teacher will do routines that they have been taught by their professionals - which feels great ! 

We are all different standards and you can tell that people have strengths in certain areas - so steps that I find easy, someone else may struggle with and other steps that I see people do with ease - frustrate me like mad ! 

All in all its such an enjoyable evening - you get to listen to some great music - have some good exercise - learn new steps ( and test the brain with learning steps in a certain order ! ) and meet lovely people. I thoroughly recommend it to anyone of any age ! 



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