Just say no!

Just say no!

February 28, 2017 | huupe

Whether it's a project, a meeting, a role change, or any of the thousands of other 'opportunities' you receive, it's important that you are prepared to say no. It's ok to say no...and there are many ways of saying no that result in a positive dynamic. However, when should you say no? Not just because you're busy, right? And why should you say no in certain situations? It's vital to understand what to say no to, whether to reject, postpone, or change what's on offer, when to reject it, and of course why you should say no. And the reasons should all be specific to you...not them...not people generally...but, you! You need tools, data, analytics and advice tailored to help you respond when the need arises...and that's exactly what we're building at huupe.

Be sure to have cold hard data at your fingertips, and anticipate any questions that might be asked. Let the other party reconsider their initial request; if you don’t come off as too strident in your argument, you might just win them over, and win some respect in the process.




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