Like bees to honey

Like bees to honey

February 27, 2017 | huupe

We all know when something 'just feels right'...for example, when the team has a certain harmony that just 'works'. Well, maybe it's not pure luck; maybe it's all in the genes...the latent genes. At huupe, we believe the application of biometrics - the measurement and analysis of physical and behavioural characteristics - is key to understanding and improving of performance at work. There are a few simple things we can all do to test theories and improve performance now, using theories on topics such as latent genes. For example, diversifying and mixing up your team - go beyond recruiting people with the same background, and maybe use cross-department teams for specific projects. This could unlock latent genes and at a minimum will create an environment where the usual approach can be challenged, and maybe something better created in its place. The ideas here are worth trying, so why not recommend something at work today and see what happens?

This has huge consequences when we consider it in the context of employee performance: the right mix of people will awaken each other’s latent talents. The combination of skills creates a responsive culture that improves the system’s capacity to act. Since humans and bees actually share a lot of genes and since genes act the same way across species, it does not stretch the imagination to consider this biology information as a business parallel.





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