How to take your gut to work.

How to take your gut to work.

February 06, 2017 | Benedicta Banga

I try and read as much as I can and I’m always trying to learn more in the personal development area, as any self-respecting coach should. I'm quite fascinated by the work that goes into behavioural patterns and the subconscious mind. This is mostly because I'm trying to find ways to turn into the mythical morning person everyone seems to think is more productive and effective. If I'm honest I'm not and I don’t buy into that school of thought much and I'm ok with that- this is me giving you permission not to feel bad and join the club.


Some class this sort of material as airy-fairy but there is a reason why people who get it, seem to do well- as you think, so you are. My latest read has been around the gut feeling. I've heard this before but not paid much attention to the topic. However this time round I find that I'm tuned in because I find myself having to make lots of decisions and needing to turn the volume down on self doubt. 


So this is what the scientists have discovered, in my very non-scientific explanation. Your gut is a brain and possesses its own neurotransmitters. I read somewhere else that your gut feeling is every cell in your body agreeing with your decision.


So that sick or excited feeling in your stomach or that 'knowing' is real. The more you pay attention to it the more you will get good at recognising and using the instinctive feeling to your benefit. 


If you're open to a bit of experimentation, here's how I would try and recognise my gut feeling- some journaling is required. Make a note of how your gut feels in your most relaxed state. 


The first opportunity and the best time to start is with your resting state. This might be soon after waking up, before starting your day and before flooding your mind with thoughts of the day. Pay attention to that relaxed state when nothing in particular is worrying you or inspiring you. 


The second opportunity is to try making a decision that excites you. You might be in a high-energy state and eagerly anticipating the good. Generally in high spirits, but even in that decision-making process, choosing for example the wrong destination or date might give you a 'niggling' feeling. That uncertain feeling that you just can't put your finger on. 


Third opportunity is to try making a decision that terrifies you. We tend to put off decisions like this and rightly so, human being naturally prefer pleasure to pain. Associated with such decisions will be a range of mixed feelings and negativity. You will probably feel discomfort at how much of the change process hinges on the unknown. 


Fourth opportunity is to think of two different people. Firstly, someone you get on with and someone you don't. Explore the source of how you feel about each person. Sometimes it's subtle things such as mannerisms or throwaway comments they make that maybe only you pick up on and associate with a 'vibe'. This can be the case whether or not this is directed at you. 


Fifth opportunity is to make a note of how you feel when you go to certain places. Different places have an energy about them depending on what is going on and the people in the place. This can affect how you behave when you are in certain environments. Sometimes you don’t even need to be told how to behave in certain places- you just know.


Make a note each time of your physical reactions, thoughts and senses. This doesn't have to happen in the same day.


Did you notice anything different? In a workplace how then will this help you? You will be able to tune in and recognise whether the timing is right or it's ok for you to perform certain tasks or make certain decisions. 


Here are a few ideas:


  • Asking for better remuneration and benefits 
  • Knowing you're in the wrong job
  • Starting and developing a new work relationship
  • Getting to work safe and on time
  • Deciding the right next steps in the absence of information


I believe most people are already doing this and maybe sometimes without even realising. I'd love to hear your findings and experiences.



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