Who would you confide in at work?

Who would you confide in at work?

January 29, 2017 | huupe

Not sure? Or, worse still, you are sure...that you definitely would not confide in anyone at work?

A problem shared is a problem halved...or so the saying goes. Well, we think that's just a silly old proverb...but we really like the spirit of it, and really do believe you should have the opportunity to share the challenges you face at work. We all need help and advice from time to time...and advice that's independent, timely, tailored and credible can have a huge impact on your career. It won't halve your problem, but it will help you solve it...and we think that's good.

The finding suggest that there is widespread distrust within organisations, CO2 Partners President Gary Cohen said. "Someone's immediate report would be the logical starting place for advice, but for the great majority of people, it seems a supervisor is the last person they want to talk with. "Many employees are clearly wary of management, which is always likely to hurt performance." Cohen added that one reason for this reluctance might be that employees do not feel comfortable admitting to a supervisor that they need advice.






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