Do you feel authentic at work?

Do you feel authentic at work?

September 21, 2016 | Jason Futers

Are you being true to yourself at work? Are you allowed to fail...or better still, is failure embraced as a way of learning and growing, and being authentic?

The workplace is changing, and will continue to change at an accelerated pace. People want and expect something different at work...they're demanding something different...people want to feel authentic. Are you ready for the changes? Are you maximising your work day...creating the time and receiving the mentoring and feedback to be authentic at work?

In the workplace, failure must be allowed because it is the only way that authenticity can flourish. Mistakes will be made, but if employees feel safe in admitting mistakes, they are more likely to take a risk, to try something new, to find more productive ways to use their talents and work with their strengths. If individuals in the workplace are consistently embracing their true authentic behavior, their reaction to the world around them will be more consistent rather than trying to figure out how they think they should act based on conformity.
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