Ever choked during a presentation?

Ever choked during a presentation?

December 15, 2016 | Jason Futers

Paralysis by analysis, working memory overload and fear of being judged are just a few of the factors that can potentially lead to choking. There are many techniques to deal with this, including some that are more intuitive, such as practice and meditation, and others that you might not have considered, such as singing!

There are many ways to improve performance at work, although historically measuring improvement has been very difficult. That is changing though, and our options are improving all the time.

Thinking too much about what you are doing, because you are worried about losing the lead (as in Norman's case) or worrying about failing in general, can lead to "paralysis by analysis." In a nutshell, paralysis by analysis occurs when people try to control every aspect of what they are doing in an attempt to ensure success. Unfortunately, this increased control can backfire, disrupting what was once a fluid, flawless performance. 






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